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UHR is a commercial free internet radio station with a global family, who’s desire is to know God in a deeper way through wildfire worship, intriguing guests and interesting and in-depth talk radio. You will hear a wide variety of music, including raw, live moments, and will be encouraged and challenged by interviews with artists, engaging teachings, as well as fun testimonies and stories.

Our goal is to provide a platform where users discover independent artists, and artists can reach a global community.  We have free apps for Android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire so our users can listen anytime, anywhere.  

Up Here Radio Interviewee Agreement

The undersigned enters into this Agreement with Up Here Radio (“UHR”). I have been informed and understand that UHR will be producing a radio interview and that my name, likeness, image, voice and performance is being recorded and made a part of that broadcast ("Product").
I grant UHR the right to use my name, likeness, image, voice and performance as embodied in the Product, including future products of the same nature as produced by UHR, whether recorded on or transferred to video, photographs, or other media, now known or later developed. This grant includes without limitation the right to edit, mix or duplicate and to use or re-use the Product in whole or in part as UHR may elect, including advertising and related promotion.  UHR  shall have complete ownership of the Product in which I appear, including copyright interests, and I acknowledge that I have no interest or ownership in the Product or its copyright.

I warrant and represent that I have the right to enter into this Agreement, that I am not restricted by any commitments to third parties, and that UHR has no financial commitment or obligations to me as a result of this Agreement. I hereby give all clearances, copyright and otherwise, for the use of my name, likeness, image voice and performance embodied in the Product. I expressly release and indemnify UHR and their officers, employees and agents from any and all claims known and unknown arising out of, or in any way connected with, the above granted uses and representations. The rights granted to UHR herein are perpetual and universe-wide (“the Territory”).

Both parties to this contract agree to accept electronic copies of this agreement as legally binding. The interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the country of New Zealand and the venue for all disputes or claims under this Agreement shall be the courts located in Auckland, New Zealand.

This Agreement is the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, shall supersede any prior agreements or negotiations related hereto between the Parties, and sets forth the entire understanding between the Parties, their heirs, successors, and assigns, and cannot be changed, modified or cancelled except by an instrument signed by the party sought to be bound. This Agreement may be amended only be a written instrument executed by the Parties. If any part of this Agreement shall be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or un-enforceability shall not affect the balance of this Agreement.

I have read the foregoing and understand its terms and stipulations and agree to all of them. I also certify that I am 18 years of age or older.

I agree to the "Terms & Conditions" of the "Up Here Radio Interviewee Agreement"

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